The Case for Postnatal Massage

Hunching. Lifting. Bending. Twisting. Healing. Snoozing. Wiping. Yawning. Kissing.

All with a body recovering from pregnancy and birth. And yet, most of our clients go missing once baby is here. 

We get it. You're adjusting to one of the biggest life (and body) changes you'll probably ever know. You're sleep deprived and elated. Perhaps anxious and blue. You're just trying to keep this little bundle of joy and poop alive and keep yourself fed and relatively clean in the process. 

And while some cultures may have strict bed rest requirements, ours barely supports the minimal healing time of six weeks. So, we really do get it.

Postnatal Massage + Bodywork offers reintegration for your changing body and posture. It is healing for your muscles and joints that have worked so hard and now are working even harder with less sleep. It is soothing for your overactive mind that is doing such an incredible job of caring for your baby. 

It's also getting you connected to the resources you need to regain vitality and strength for this incredible, beautiful challenge of motherhood. 

Our 3-session Postnatal Massage + Bodywork Series is designed to support your healing process, whether you had a vaginal or surgical birth last week or three years ago. Using advanced massage techniques, our therapists gently relieve neck, shoulder, and back tension, soothe and calm anxiety, and stimulate your body's innate healing process. We can even assess and support your body for Diastasis Recti as well as eliminate and prevent adhesions with Scar Tissue Massage. 

So while you're kissing those little toes and wiping those little bottoms, please please don't forget about your own healing body. She will let you know sooner or later that she needs attention.  

Sasha Sumling, LMT

Perinatal + Infant Massage Specialist

Laura Missiha, LMT

Perinatal + Pediatric Massage Specialist


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