Is new mommy life different than what you expected?


The first three months of a baby's life, also known as the fourth trimester, can be a challenging adjustment period for families. Sleep deprivation, healing from birth, altered schedules, new routines, siblings adjusting to a new baby- these are all factors that can create stress and anxiety.  

Sadly, postnatal care in this country is sorely lacking in many ways. Most women will have a brief follow-up visit with their doctor at 4 or 6 weeks postpartum. There may be a discussion of birth control, a generic postpartum depression screening, and you'll be "cleared" for more physical activity. Yet your body has been through the most enormous change you will likely ever experience. And it is still changing and healing for months after birth. 

This is why you may have to fight a little harder for what you need.

You will need to learn to ask for help (and be willing to receive it too).

We support women during this critical transition in three ways:

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Postnatal Healing Bodywork 3-Session Series

Receiving high quality bodywork after your pregnancy can make the difference between living with unnecessary chronic pain and finding ease in your body amidst the enormous physical and emotional demands of this time.  

Our therapists understand the special needs and sensitivities of this transition time. We offer In-Home massage therapy and bodywork in the Houston, TX area designed to support your healing postnatal body.

During this series of three one hour sessions, our therapists use advanced bodywork techniques to gently relieve neck, shoulder, back, and hip tension that can be caused by postural strain and sleep deprivation.  We also address muscle strain and fatigue caused by labor and delivery, and promote structural realignment of the pelvis.

Connective tissue massage techniques restore elasticity and improve function of the abdominal muscles and reduce strain in back muscles. 

Assessment and Release of the Psoas muscle- The iliopsoas muscle is a deep hip flexor muscle that is greatly affected by pregnancy and can be a major contributor in low back pain and dysfunction. We can assess and release this very important muscle to restore and encourage healthy positioning of your pelvis after birth. 

Scar Tissue Massage is effective in improving circulation in the tissue surrounding the scar which helps to improve the appearance, and can eliminate fascial restrictions from old scars. Our therapists can also show you how to massage your own scar to improve healing. 

Diastasis Recti Assessment- Our therapists can assess your body for diastasis recti, a separation of the abdominal muscles that persists after birth and can contribute to backache and strain for years if unrecognized and treated. Fortunately, it is easily assessed and healed with proper guidance and specific exercises. 

Stress Relief and Emotional Healing- Caring for a newborn is challenging and we understand that. Our therapists are sensitive to the special needs of this time and we hold a nurturing, non-judgmental space for our clients to be seen and heard where they are in their healing process. 

Three Session Series In-Home  $405
Prices include gratuity.

Three Session Series In-Office $345
Prices include gratuity.

In-Home Massage 

In-Home massage offers the convenience of high quality bodywork in the safe haven of your home. Our massage therapists understand the unique needs of this special time and we accommodate you and your baby's needs accordingly.

One Hour In-Home Postnatal Massage  $145
One and Half Hour In-Home Postnatal Massage $185

Prices include gratuity. 

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