Healing Hands Project

Earlier this year, Well Family signed a contract with The Woman's Hospital of Texas to provide massage therapy for the patients there- mostly "high-risk" women on bedrest in the Antepartum Unit. While we have been able to serve several women, we are in no way meeting the needs of many of the patients there, many of whom are on medicaid and cannot afford our services.

I hope you have experienced the healing effects of massage therapy with us at some point. If you have, you know what a big impact it can make on your stress levels, pain and even your ability to sleep well at night.

Now, allow me to paint a picture for you:

You are pregnant (perhaps with twins or triplets or more!), you have been admitted to the hospital (many women remain on bedrest at the hospital until their baby is delivered, sometimes that is weeks or months). You may have other children at home, a partner who works full-time (or no partner at all), you may be missing work without pay, and you most definitely are concerned about keeping your baby safe and healthy. (Women on bedrest in high-risk pregnancies often experience a high level of stress, as well as physical pain from lying down with limited movement.)

You are worried, stressed, in pain, and you just want everything to be okay.

Your nurse just notified you that a generous sponsor has offered to pay for a safe, effective massage to support you and your baby's wellbeing. You feel excited and grateful (this may be her first massage ever)!

You can be that person for a woman in need of our services.

In this season of giving, please consider sponsoring a woman to be able to receive a healing massage session with us. Every donor, regardless of amount, will receive a signed thank you card from the recipient of your generosity.

Learn more about our donation options here: