We believe everyone deserves access to high quality, nurturing touch. Our clients contribute to our outreach with donations (in lieu of tips), and our therapists contribute their time and expertise on these projects.


massage program at the Woman’s hospital of texas - Healing hands project

Well Family is the exclusive provider of massage therapy at The Woman’s Hospital of Texas.

The benefits of massage for women during pregnancy include:

  • Safely relieving trigger points and restricted fascia that can contribute to pain and dysfunction during pregnancy and into motherhood.

  • Encouraging circulation of both blood and lymph fluid

  • Improving the distribution of oxygen to muscles

  • Encouraging more efficient detoxification

  • Promoting a healthy immune system

  • Soothing to the entire nervous system during a stressful time

  • Decreasing pain and anxiety

Many women on bedrest in the antepartum unit cannot afford our services, but are in great need. We work closely with the hospital staff to determine eligibility for our services. We have various levels of sponsorship for our Healing Hands Project.

full sponsorship $100

For $100, you can fully fund an hour session for a woman on bedrest in the antepartum unit.

partial sponsorship $25 - $50

For $25 or $50 (or any other amount of your choice), you can contribute to a one hour session for a woman on bedrest in the antepartum unit. Grab a friend or two and together you can sponsor a woman when you reach $100.

Sponsor a woman

Every donor (regardless of amount) will receive a signed thank you card from the recipient of your generosity. 

our generous sponsors

Judy baldwin

hazel cebrun

aimee and cody frederick

joyce trigger

andrea gilbert

anonymous donor

anonymous donor

veronica barr

Jane Smith

Katherine and kevin Love

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