My 5 Standards: Criteria for Product Recommendations

With so many "health experts" online these days, I've come to recognize the need for a set of standards in the products I use and recommend in my practice as a Registered Nurse and Massage Therapist. I take my role as a Nurse very seriously- especially since I am in private practice and work in the community.

I believe all nurses have a tremendous opportunity to make a powerful impact on the health of people and our environment by educating the public about the safety of products we buy and consume every day that may contribute to disease.

Here are my 5 Standards that all products and brands must meet in order for me to recommend them:

1. Transparency

The company clearly discloses ingredients and sources of ingredients. The company makes a concerted effort to be transparent and values educating their customers about their ingredients, production processes and company policies. 

2. Safety

The company must be committed to testing for safety, and restricting the use of ingredients that are known or suspected of having a harmful impact on health. 

3. Efficacy

The products do what they say they do! 

4. Environmental Responsibility

The company makes an effort to reduce their harmful impact on the environment in production and distribution of their products. 

5. Social Accountability

The company uses ethical labor practices, including no animal testing and gives back to the community in some way.


So you can trust that if I'm recommending a product or partnering with a brand, it is because they meet these criteria and I have used them personally for at least 3 months.

I encourage all nurses to consider the mounting data emerging about the health impact of harmful ingredients in products and foods used by the public every day. Let's use our voices for creating change!