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Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family.
Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.
— Jane Howard

If you’ve found yourself wondering…

How do I continue to show up for all of these roles in my life when I’m so dang tired and overwhelmed?  

When do I get the space for myself for the rest I so desperately need?

Why does life feel so hard?

You’re not alone.

With so much information to navigate and so many threats- both real and perceived- to our emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical health and wellbeing, it’s no wonder many of us feel overwhelmed, anxious, fearful and disconnected.

Healing happens in relationships- with ourselves and with each other.


The Well Woman Collective is a monthly membership program created to support, encourage and guide you in your unique relationship with your health and life.

Led by Registered Nurses who are also certified as Coaches, this program will give you the tools, support and guidance to dive deep into what it means to be well in today’s complex world. Our Collective is an opportunity to integrate the heaps of information we are inundated with on a daily basis to move from knowing about to actually practicing wellness in our lives.

Together we will explore and integrate real self-care so we can show up in our lives with more energy, patience, focus, and strength. Yes please!

We’ll explore:

  • The Pillars of Self-care: Rest, Nourishment, Movement, Mindfulness, and Boundaries.

  • Tools for setting boundaries that are empowering- not rigid, limiting or isolating.

  • Ways to use your innate feminine cycle to access more energy and rest.

  • Skills for strengthening your relationship with your body and your intuition.

  • How to see your story as empowering, and to reclaim your authentic voice as a woman.

Our collective is a safe space to wrestle with these concepts and reclaim your wellbeing alongside other women.

about your team

Jala Verner, RN and Brandie Mitchell, RN

Jala Verner, RN and Brandie Mitchell, RN

We’re Nurse Coaches on a mission to support you in discovering your own inner wise woman, to claim your resilience and health, and to embody the confidence that lives underneath the stress and overwhelm of modern womanhood. 

We are Registered Nurses with specialized training in an emerging paradigm in healthcare focused on YOU. We are deeply committed to providing a safe partnership with you in your holistic health and wellbeing. We see you as a whole person, not a disease or a problem to be fixed. We honor your unique story and needs and we listen more than we speak. And we hold you accountable for what you want for your health and your life so you can move from knowing (and wondering) about wellness to actually practicing it.

Read more about us below.

how it works

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As a Collective Member you will receive:

  • Access to a unique online space for all of your resources and connection to other women

  • Monthly video calls facilitated by Registered Nurse Coaches

  • Weekly mindfulness practices and customized rituals

  • Expert Resources to support you in better sleep, stress resilience, movement, nourishment, and a healthier home environment

  • Exclusive discounts and access to tools and services to support your self-care

Who is the well woman collective for?


Our collective is for women who are ready to dive deeper into who they really are, heal their relationship with their bodies, and reclaim their wellbeing.

It is also for women who:

  • are in any stage of womanhood.

  • feel lost amidst the demands and expectations of modern motherhood.

  • have been diagnosed with a thyroid, adrenal or autoimmune condition (or suspect you have one).

  • feel tired, overwhelmed and anxious too much of the time. 

  • have experienced any kind of trauma at any point in life.

  • suspect there is a better way, a different rhythm, and are ready to discover it for themselves.

  • have recently had a baby and want guidance and connection to navigate this new season.

  • are looking for a community of like-minded women.

here’s what women are saying about working with us

“When I started working with Jala, I felt nervous and was not very confident in some areas of my life. She helped me see past those fears. I feel much more confident in my abilities and skills. Jala is very welcoming and easy to talk to. She gave me the space to express my health concerns and together we co-created some pretty awesome goals! Since Jala has been coaching me, I have been much more aware of what motivates me, and I have made great progress reaching my goals. I don't feel stagnant. My stress level has decreased, and I feel more rested. Jala has piqued my interest in meditation and mindfulness practices, and I have a renewed sense of balance in terms of my health and wellness.”

“Brandie is able to help me focus on an issue or struggle in my life, label it, and set an intention. I walk away from my sessions always feeling more clear about my struggle and with a plan. My husband sees how our entire family benefits and encourages me to make working with Brandie a regular part of my life. As a wife, mother of three young children, and small business owner, the level of stress I feel can be overwhelming. My coaching sessions help me clarify the current issue, focus on facing it in a healthy way and move forward with an intention.”

“Before I started this program, I had a new baby and a 3-year-old, as well as a husband who travels quite a bit, both for work and recreation. Our sessions have helped me maintain a positive outlook and obtain a better view of my importance within our family. I most enjoyed being able to be completely open and honest without fear of judgment. I feel that I am in a better place both emotionally and physically. I accepted responsibility for speaking up and taking an active role in my road back to a healthy body, as well as the need for emotional and spiritual recharging.”

“When I started working with Jala, I was staying at home with a 1 and 4 year old during the days. Feeling very low energy, making bad diet choices, and had low motivation to change anything about it. Since our sessions started I have felt the encouragement to do a 10-day sugar detox (also did no gluten or dairy) that reset my diet habits. This change has had a domino affect on several things since then. My energy is drastically better, and I gained the motivation to join a group of friends to train for a triathlon sprint in the Fall. I feel like my overall wellbeing has improved beyond my expectations.”


Your investment in you is just $10 per month.

That's way less than a dollar a day to access the support, connection and resources you need to feel expansively in tune with your wellbeing. 

Q & A

Is there a religious component to the program?

There is not a religious component; however, because we look at health through a holistic lens, there is absolutely a spiritual component including the tools and support to (re)discover your own spiritual practice or rituals that work for you.

can i cancel any time?

Yes, it is a monthly membership that is an automatically recurring charge and you can cancel at any time.

Is it open to all women? 

Yes anyone who identifies as a woman is welcome!

your nurse coach team

Don't miss this chance to connect with other like-minded women seeking wellness. Together. We got this. 

Intrigued but have questions? We’d love to help!