Schools have the opportunity to be a place where children not only learn about healthy habits, but actually see them modeled and even celebrated in the classroom and school wide.

Children learn by watching others around them, especially teachers. Create a healthier school culture by including wellness support for your staff, families and your school culture.

Benefits for your program:

  • Enhancing your existing school community through wellness challenges and common goals.
  • Guidance in navigating through often overwhelming information surrounding healthy choices.
  • Encouraging school staff and families in healthy self-care.
  • Empowering families with support in prioritizing and creating a wellness map for their families.
  • Providing survey information about the needs of your families.


  • Monthly newsletter article to add to your school newsletter focused in the areas of nutrition, environmental health, and connection (see below).
  • Customized Wellness parenting talk once per semester (additional fee).
  • 10% discount on Well Family Services for staff and families.
  • Access to a Wellness Directors’ Gathering lunch twice yearly.

Our goal is to support families in practical ways that encourage healthy choices in children focused on these key areas:


  • Nutritious, delicious, real food at school and at home.
  • Hands-on experiences with preparation of healthy foods at school as well as connections to local farmers.
  • Collaboration amongst staff and parents to support and encourage modeling of healthy behaviors for children.


  • Practical solutions for reducing children’s exposure to environmental toxins both at school and at home.
  • Being good stewards to our resources.
  • Creating intentional spaces that support creativity, health and learning.


  • Skills for healthy stress management & emotional resilience.
  • Learning to respect and listen to our bodies and each other.
  • Healthy boundaries.
  • Mindful living in communities.

Contact Brandie Mitchell for more information on services for your school program.