Collectively, we have over 75 years of experience in a wide variety of modalities including prenatal and postnatal massage, infant and pediatric massage, palliative and hospice massage, and pain and stress relief. Experience the difference in high quality, therapeutic massage + bodywork where we listen to your needs and customize your session accordingly.  

All of us have a love for supporting women and families towards better health and wellbeing. 


Brandie Mitchell, RN, LMT, Integrative Nurse Coach, Founder

Brandie has been supporting growing families for the past 16 years with nutrition education, massage therapy, labor and birth support, and fitness and wellness coaching.  After completing her Bachelors degree in Nutrition at UT Austin, Brandie attended The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School and has continued studies in Neuromuscular Therapy, Connective Tissue Massage at the Rolf Institute, Craniosacral Therapy, Prenatal and Postnatal Massage, and Infant and Pediatric Massage.  She is also a graduate of The University of Texas Health Science Center Nursing School and a Registered Nurse in the State of Texas, as well as an Integrative Nurse Coach through the International Nurse Coach Association.  Brandie’s passion is supporting families and she finds joy in inspiring healthy self-care and vibrant, courageous living.

As a momma myself, I am experiencing the ongoing sweet moments, challenges, joys, and humbling experiences of motherhood. I am learning everyday and do my best to practice the principles of healthy stress management, good nutrition, real connections, and living whole-heartedly. I have discovered that imperfections in this life are beautiful and can be the birthplace of growth and transformation.  My joy is supporting other women and families and I am honored to grow with you in your life journey. 

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Services offered: Prenatal and Postnatal Massage Therapy, Infant Massage Instruction, Pediatric Massage, Wellness Coaching


Susan fell in love with massage after working in a job where she typed 40 hours a week. First trained and licensed for massage therapy in Washington State in 2002, Susan has lived and worked in California and now Texas for the past four years. She is a nationally certified Licensed Massage Therapist through NCBMTB with extensive training in bodywork for pregnancy and the postnatal transition. Susan loves to promote a healthy lifestyle, especially throughout pregnancy, birth, postpartum and parenting. Her favorite person to massage is her 14 year old son. Susan is also a certified birth doula, postpartum doula and childbirth educator.

Services offered: Prenatal and Postnatal Mobile Momma Massage, Massage for Pain Relief.


Laura joins the Mobile Momma Massage Team with over 20 years of experience as a Licensed Massage Therapist. She has worked as a therapist in a variety of clinical settings including a Children's ICU, a women's health physical therapy clinic, as well as in the hospital setting with women on antenatal bed rest and during postnatal healing. Laura enjoys working with adults and children of all ages and is skilled in identifying and supporting complex medical issues with high quality massage therapy. As a mother of a 12 year old daughter, she understands the demands of motherhood and is passionate about supporting and empowering her clients with ways to care for themselves to encourage healthy early bonding with their children through touch and connection. 

Services offered: Prenatal and Postnatal Massage Therapy, Pediatric Massage, Massage for Pain Relief, Mobile Momma Massage



Patty began her massage career in 2000. She graduated from the Massage Arts & Sciences Center of Philadelphia and wandered back home to Texas to continue her exploration. Practiced with Neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release, and trigger point techniques, her focus has turned to prenatal and postnatal massage. She is currently enrolled in Mindfulness Fundamentals through Mindful Schools to learn the tools to nurture others in their ability to self regulate and be present.

My experience with Postpartum Anxiety was a struggle I am neither ashamed of nor completely clear of. I hope to use that understanding to build community and support other nurturers who may be experiencing something similar in their mothering journey. Mindfulness has been a pivotal part to my healing and I offer others the same tools on how to utilize their inner strength to survive, persevere and flourish.

Services offered: Prenatal and Postnatal Massage TherapyPediatric MassageMassage for Pain Relief, Mobile Momma Massage

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Hugo Garcia, LMT

Hugo began his career as a Massage Therapist in 2005, and has a wide range of experience in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports and Prenatal Massage. He is our first dad to join the team and we are grateful to have his perspective on self-care in fatherhood. 

Becoming a dad has made me realize more than ever how important it is to take care of my body and myself. In order to keep up with my little guy, my body has to be at its best. Not only do I want to be around as long as possible for my son, but I want to be able to run, jump, and play with him. In order to do all those things, self care and regular bodywork has become more important than ever. People tend to think that once they become parents, those things go out the window. I have learned that it is just as important to take care of myself as it is to take care of my clients.

Services offered: Prenatal and Postnatal Massage TherapyMassage for Pain Relief, Mobile Momma Massage


Aubrey discovered the value of therapeutic touch at an early age, volunteering to massage her 6 siblings, parents, and friends who willingly volunteered to help her practice. Because she loves intercultural interaction, she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Intercultural Studies and International Business from John Brown University. While studying local culture in both India and China, she embraced the holistic approach to wellness that she witnessed there. After returning to the US she moved to Texas, where she attended Houston School of Massage. Aubrey is passionate about helping women integrate massage with other healthy lifestyle choices to support the body’s systems in every season of life. She looks forward to serving mothers in Houston through personalized, intentional massage therapy.

Services offered: Prenatal and Postnatal Massage TherapyMassage for Pain Relief, Mobile Momma Massage

rosa beyk, lmt

Rosa has been a Massage Therapist since 2011. She is licensed by the State of Texas and a member of the ABMP Massage Association. Rosa has been in the massage therapy profession for 5 years, and enjoys her work more every day. She is passionate about the positive effects of therapy on the body. She has been trained in variety of techniques including Swedish massage with Hot Stone, Deep Tissue Massage, Medical Massage, Pregnancy Massage and Lymphatic Drainage. Rosa intentionally creates a massage that will suit your specific needs and offers her clients a safe haven to receive true therapeutic touch.

Services offered: Prenatal and Postnatal Massage TherapyMassage for Pain Relief, Mobile Momma Massage