mobile momma massage

Mobile Momma Massage was created specifically for the needs of Houston families. Living in Houston usually means lots of time spent in the car, and we believe you need massage more than you need to spend any more time in traffic. We offer this service because we believe in the importance of quality massage and bodywork, and we want to make it as accessible as possible for you.


Our team of skilled Licensed Massage Therapists specializes in safe, effective Prenatal, Postnatal, Adult, Infant and Pediatric massage therapy. Don't let your busy schedule get in the way of your self-care!

How it works

We offer online scheduling for you to book your session at your convenience. We require a valid credit card to book your appointment, and your card will be charged after your session unless other payment arrangements are made.

We will confirm your appointment within 24 hours. You will receive an email with a link to a confidential online intake form to complete before your appointment. 

Please allow 15 minutes before your appointment time for your therapist to arrive and set up. Your therapist will arrive with a table and everything needed to provide a relaxing, therapeutic experience in your home.

New baby? Don't worry. Our therapists are skilled and experienced with working with the needs of new mothers and we allow extra time for accommodating these special conditions.


24 hours notice is required for all cancellations. A late cancellation fee of $50 will be charged for any cancellations made within less than 24 hours notice of your appointment. Exceptions to this policy include going into labor or other emergency situations. 


We generally do not accept tips on any of our services because we view massage therapy as an integral part of healthcare. You don't tip your physical therapist, pilates instructor, or chiropractor, so why tip your massage therapist? Our fees are set to adequately compensate for the services we provide. 


Massage during pregnancy not only makes a woman feel pampered, but offers undeniable physical benefits as well. Massage can relieve fatigue, enhance sleep, and nurture a woman’s relationship with her changing body during pregnancy. Learn more about prenatal massage HERE.

One Hour  $145
One and Half Hour  $185



The first three months of a baby's life, also known as the fourth trimester, can be a challenging adjustment period for families. Sleep deprivation, birth trauma, altered schedules, new routines, siblings adjusting to a new baby- these are all factors that can create stress and interfere with critical postnatal healing. Our therapists understand the special needs and sensitivities of this transition time. In-home massage offers the convenience of high quality bodywork in the safe haven of your home.

One Hour  $145
One and Half Hour  $185



Massage therapy is one of the most simple and enjoyable ways to let go of stress and care for your body. We believe your body has an incredible capacity to heal from many imbalances, given the right conditions.  We support your body’s innate healing capabilities through compassionate, intelligent touch and effective massage treatments with your goals and intentions in mind.

One Hour   $145
One and Half Hour  $185

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infant + pediatric massage

Infant and Pediatric massage helps parents and caregivers bring the benefits of touch to their newborns and young children. Benefits include more restful sleep, enhanced self-regulation, improved digestion, and healthy brain development.  We instruct parents in confidently bringing the benefits of touch to their young children, as well as provide the services ourselves. We also specialize in hospice care and special needs children. We are the only team of Licensed Massage Therapists in Houston who specialize in this unique skill set.  More about Infant + Pediatric Massage HERE.

Initial Consultation  $95
Follow-Up Visits  $65*
Packages Available

Looking for a gift for an expectant mom?  Give the gift of safe, effective massage therapy during pregnancy with a gift certificate.