Massage therapy is one of the most simple and enjoyable ways to let go of stress and care for your body. Infants, children, teens, adults and seniors benefit from high quality massage and bodywork.

Less Stress, More Health

Massage Therapy is effective in supporting your whole family in better managing stress, improved immune function, healing from injury and surgery, chronic fatigue, sleep disorders, infant colic,  growing pains, digestive issues, fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, TMJ dysfunction, and other tension-related disorders.

We believe your body has an incredible capacity to heal from many imbalances, given the right conditions.  We support your body’s innate healing capabilities through compassionate, intelligent touch and effective massage treatments with your goals and intentions in mind.

It’s often very helpful to realize that this very body and mind that we have, the one that’s sitting right here, right now… with all its aches and its pleasures, as is… is exactly what we need to learn to be fully human, fully awake, fully alive.
— Pema Chodron

Prenatal + Postnatal Massage

One of the most nurturing choices a mom-to-be can make is to invest in quality massage therapy sessions throughout her pregnancy and after birth. Both mom and baby benefit from therapeutic massage in many ways.  Learn More >

Infant + Pediatric Massage

Infant massage is a wonderful way for parents and caregivers to bring the benefits of touch to their newborns and young children. Pediatric massage therapy is beneficial for children of all ages. Learn techniques to calm your child naturally, promote better digestion, relieve growing pains, and encourage better sleep.  Learn More >

Massage for Pain + Stress Relief

As we age, our bodies accumulate stress and tension. Specific massage techniques such as myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and craniosacral therapy are effective in relieving both chronic and acute tension in the body, enhancing circulation, improving sleep and digestion and reducing pain.  

Mobile Momma Massage

Mobile Momma Massage was created specifically for the needs of Houston families. Living in Houston usually means lots of time spent in the car. We believe you need massage more than you need to spend any more time in traffic. So relax, we'll come to you with safe, effective in-home massage therapy services for the whole family. Learn More >